Has anyone out there noticed what has happened to the Internet in the past couple of years?

There has been a merger of Google, Yahoo, You Tube, and all of the major web platforms: the services that provide email, news, all of that stuff, and a linking of those entities with the social media providers like Twitter, FaceBook and whatever and which ever. The result of this is the virtual death of the Internet as a grass roots medium for communication of individual thought and viewpoints or alternative thought, call it whatever you wish. With this merger and takeover, everything on the net seamless morphs into a big blob with news of Hollywood celebrities and bottom feeders blending in with news of wars, economics and political events, combining to form a vast waste dump of information with everything having the same value, that is, the value of nothing.

Remember that the danger of the Internet was that, by creating a virtual reality, the net could lead human beings into forgoing basic human interaction for the easy and comfortable reality of sitting behind a keyboard and watching images on a screen. The goal of those who control the media, that is cable television and the Web, has always been to merge everything into a single entity to which you would pay a set of subscription fees for use. And since we live in a 'consumer democracy' everything sold has to be at a lowest common denominator, meaning that all communication is geared to something an idiot can understand.

And by merging everything into A SINGLE PLATFORM, they have control of the 'virtual reality'.

And now, everything is linked together. Primarily motivated by Google, which is the chosen tool of the ruling class, all your various accounts across the Internet are now combined into one, allowing easy tracking of users, IP addresses, and all sorts of information that go into various databases. You can use one password to access all of your accounts. This is sold to you on the pretext of making things 'easy', but what it really does is destroy your privacy, limit your choices, and give the media owners an easy shut off switch to be used when they deem it necessary. Yahoo is constantly pushing these 'changes' in your email that don't work any better than the old system, and certainly don't look better or are no easier to use, but are more streamlined for them to keep tabs on you. And the side effect of this is to make everything become a form of 'spam'.

And of course the social media carriers like Twitter tend to encourage users to reduce everything to one or two sentence posts that really communicate very little. This is the result of the universal presence of cell phones, which don't allow any kind thoughtfulness because it is just too difficult to type into a cell phone keypad. The ultimate purpose of he cell phone, for the PTB, is to give every person a cheap device that can be used by THEM as a 'remote control'.

All this is just what happens when something/anything is mass marketed. It becomes cheap, and in a 'consumer democracy', the goal is to make everything cheaper and more widely available. The paradox of consumer democracy is that you will have the illusion of unlimited choices, but, in reality, you will have only one or two things to choose.

Perhaps all of this cheapness will force some of us to go back to actual human interaction to sort things out. The goal of the 'Powers That Be' (PTB) is to make us all robots, because, put simply, they don't like people, and they view 'individuals' as 'curious'. One other thing: The PTB don't believe in God, and certainly not a personal God who created people in His image. This is why they manipulate, and seek to make things cheap. To them, while life may have some sentimental value, it is just something that can be used and thrown away. They don't understand what they do.

Just some random thoughts.

And here come the robots...

But I must confess, that perhaps some of these robots would be helpful...My friends have become so isolated from me, and me from my friends, that having a robot helper would be much better than almost all the people I know...
One of the biggest news story of 2012 occurred in December: the Sandy Hook School shooting. I remember my first reaction to the story: 'This is happening again?

Fortunately, I post on an Internet forum, 'The Information Underground', and the moderator over there, Ognir, posted the story almost immediately after it was first reported. The thread that developed 'Connecticut state police hold a news conference in Newtown to comment on the investigation of a shooting at school' turned into what has been, IMHO, the best researched and most thoughtful thread that sprung up on the web in the 'event' aftermath.


I am not going to belabor the issue here; I will simply direct readers to go to the thread, which pulled in the broadest possible information from a plethora of websites, and thanks to the tolerance of the moderators, allowed us to examine the issue in depth, as much as humanly possible.

My conclusion was arrived at after a few weeks of exploring the topic: The 'event' was a production of the US Department of Homeland Security, making use of MSM, actors, corrupted locals, scheming politicos, money (always important) and the exhaustion and shell-shock of the American people, weary from a decade of the 'war on terror', perfidy in Washington DC, Wall Street and state and local governments.

Please remember that those of us seeking 'what really happened' in this case had only the Internet at our disposal, as opposed to 'the authorities' who had many, many tools in the bag of tricks. I believe we have proven that there is a very reasonable doubt in this case, in addition to piling up mounds of circumstantial evidence. For those unfamiliar with the rule of law, a person or persons can be INDICTED for a crime due to circumstantial evidence, but cannot be CONVICTED if there is a reasonable doubt.

Please check out 'The Information Underground' thread, as it is all there, over 40 pages worth of material


You might have seen this video: It went 'viral' on the Internet in 2011, describing the British woman talking as a racist. The UK is now under strict Orwellian political correctness laws, and criticism of 'certain ethnic groups' is a crime. Free speech can only be exercised under the threat of jail time.

Comment: This goes on in my city too, and a new caste system emerges: The Whites flee the city, leaving it at the mercy of the Blacks, with support from 'progressive WASPs and Jews who live 'far from the maddening crowd'...But ethnic Whites are too poor to move...So now Blacks have 'middle management jobs' and the new underclass is the Africans, Latinos (to some degree) and poor Indians or other immigrants who the Blacks can boss around...The new Africans are despised by American Blacks...As one of the remaining ethnic Whites, I get a 'proles eye view' of the 'new diversity'...Watch how the Whites 'punk out' and turn on Miss Emma...Notice also how Miss West criticizes Polish immigrants flooding the UK and taking British jobs...I am of Polish & Slavic descent, but I don't mind her criticism because it is the truth.........Frank D.

Emma West is an English woman who has been arrested because of her viewpoints, in particular her statement calling for the repatriation of immigrants in the United Kingdom during a dialogue between her and black immigrants in a tram. The video of the last part of this dialogue circulates on the internet under the title "My Tram Experience". It was uploaded to You Tube on November 17th, 2011 under the title "My Tram Experience" by user "ladyk89". The video shows how Emma West is almost physically attacked from behind by a black youngster and other blacks shouting anti-white statements at her such as:

"If we don't come here you guys (white/English people) don't want to work. You guys (white/English people) don't want to work we have to do the work for you."

The Black women who made this comment does not show any gratitude for being given asylum in England; instead she says that the English are lazy. But if she really believes in her own words she would go back to Africa to "do the work" for her fellow blacks, as a lot of work can still be done in Africa. She does not do that and she knows very well that she is in England not to work but to enjoy all the benefits of living in a white country, benefits that she would not have in a black African country.

Emma West had to use strong language to stand firm in a threatening situation where she was surrounded by hostile immigrants. (First, 'use the mouth'...Frank D.)

The first part has never been released. This part presumably would show the provocations by the black immigrants that started the dialogue.

Person who made cell phone video...The Black that secretly filmed Emma West and presumably also the provocateur and the one who posted the video on youtube ("ladyk89") without permission from Emma West.


Emma West

Robert Henderson
Posted on January 8, 2013

It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offenses after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube. The details of her arrest and treatment plus a link to the incident on YouTube can be found at http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/emma-west-immigration-and-the-liberal-totalitarian-state/.

Three times her trial  has been delayed, on the  third occasion in early September last year (http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/emma-west-trial-delayed-for-the-third-time/).  No further trial date was set then and to the best of my knowledge none has been set since her last appearance in court. (If anyone has more up to date information please let me know).  On each occasion the delay was ascribed to the need to complete psychiatric reports on Miss West.  It stretches credulity way beyond breaking to believe such reports could not have been completed long ago.

Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay?

Despite being put into a high security prison for more than a month (http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/emma-west-immigration-and-the-liberal-totalitarian-state-part-2/)  and having the risk that her son be taken into care, Miss West has made it clear throughout that she wishes to plead Not Guilty.    The reason for the delay  probably lies in that plea. The liberal elite rely on people charged with such offenses being intimidated into pleading Guilty.  A full blown trial would mean public discussion of the consequences of mass immigration and the ruthless measures which the liberal elite use to suppress such debate.  They  greatly fear that because it would risk the politically correct emperor being shown to have no clothes. .

The facts of the case speak for themselves: the behavior of the authorities is not compatible with a free society.

Miss West has been threatened by UK 'Social Services' with the removal of her children, and been harassed and incarcerated by police in the UK for simply standing up for herself and her child. Provocations occur constantly on public transport, especially in 'diverse' cities, and it is usually better to 'turn the other cheek'...But sometimes a righteous anger is the only thing that certain people understand.
As I stated earlier, this is an 'old story' in terms of the attention span of the media and the general public. My whole point here is that certain issues are verboten, but that doesn't take away their importance. Only with an honest discussion can we come to an understanding of what is happening around us. Emma West simply said out loud what a great number of people feel.

Politicians are useless in these matters. The so-called British nationalist party, the BNP, most likely gave lip service to this case, but you can be sure, when push came to shove, the BNP didn't do a damn thing for Miss West. Britain has been under the rule of one of the world's most corrupt political and financial elites for centuries now, leading their people into the slaughter of many wars, but in the end, they simply herd the English onto the global plantation.

Of course, the goal is to make us all serfs and plantation workers.

I invite discussion.
First, I will re-post the story from Reuters...Then I will offer some commentary.

Pope's Sudden Resignation sends Shockwaves through Church

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY | Reuters Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:02pm EST

(Reuters) - Pope Benedict stunned the Roman Catholic Church on Monday when he announced he would stand down, the first pope to do so in 700 years, saying he no longer had the mental and physical strength to carry on.

Church officials tried to relay a climate of calm confidence in the running of a 2,000-year-old institution, but the decision could lead to uncertainty in a Church already besieged by scandal for covering up sexual abuse of children by priests.

The soft-spoken German, who always maintained that he never wanted to be pope, was an uncompromising conservative on social and theological issues, fighting what he regarded as the increasing secularization of society.

It remains to be seen whether his successor will continue such battles or do more to bend with the times.

Despite his firm opposition to tolerance of homosexual acts, his eight year reign saw gay marriage accepted in many countries. He has staunchly resisted allowing women to be ordained as priests, and opposed embryonic stem cell research, although he retreated slightly from the position that condoms could never be used to fight AIDS.

He repeatedly apologized for the Church's failure to root out child abuse by priests, but critics said he did too little and the efforts failed to stop a rapid decline in Church attendance in the West, especially in his native Europe.

In addition to child sexual abuse crises, his papacy saw the Church rocked by Muslim anger after he compared Islam to violence. Jews were upset over rehabilitation of a Holocaust denier. During a scandal over the Church's business dealings, his butler was accused of leaking his private papers.

In an announcement read to cardinals in Latin, the universal language of the Church, the 85-year-old said: "Well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of St Peter ...

"As from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours (1900 GMT) the See of Rome, the See of St. Peter will be vacant and a conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is."

Read the rest:


I would favor a South American or perhaps an African cardinal, as the European Church is too filled with 'old boys', and cardinals with dubious theological views...The fastest growing branches of the Church are in these two areas...On the other hand, I would really support a simple Irish parish priest, who was close to his flock, unassuming, and wasn't adverse to drinking some whiskey or stout...We need a Pope for the 'common man'.

As far as Benedict, or Ratzinger, he has actually wielded consider power in the Church for decades, as he was in effect, John Paul's 'think tank; when it came to doctrinal issues.

I feel that Benedict was a target for the Jewish Sanhedrin since the beginning of his term, some due to his German background, some due to his membership in the 'Hitler Youth'. He has always caved in to the Jews on political matters, and has never taken a strong stand vis-a-vis them when they have butted their rather big noses into Church affairs, especially doctrinal issues (the father Williamson affair).

The Church is highly politicized in the wrong direction, and Benedict was negligent in his support of the Palestinians (there are thousands of Christian Palestinians in Gaza), yet visited Israel, went on the obligatory 'pilgrimage' to their 'wailng wall' and hob-nobbed with their corrupt cabal in the aftermath of the 'Cast Lead' mass murder. He has made some attempts to reach out to youth, especially in Europe, due to the declining interest in the Christian faith there given the rise of rampant 'consumerism' and 'globalism', which John Paul warned about.

The Roman Catholic Church has morphed into a 'neo-corporate entity' in many ways, and, in doing so, goes against Scripture and certainly the words of Jesus Christ. There is no place for corporatism in the Body of Christ, and neither is there room for political correctness in the Church, only a place for true compassion and understanding, through the grace of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps a bishop from one of the more populous and poorer regions of the globe will start a process of repentance. Hopefully, the coming conclave to elect the new Pope will be informed by the true Holy Spirit of God and not some 'other' spirit which will only lead to desolation.

You may also be interested in:

Maurice Pinay

I originally wrote this piece circa 2007, naming it 'Hebron (Veil of Tears)', because of my concern over the brutal treatment of the native Palestinians in Hebron by Israeli settlers, many of whom were imported from America...I completed it with the input of my compatriots in 'Audio Emotif' (French for 'sound emotion' or 'sound reaction') violinist Kenneth Parker and percussionist Phillip Grim.

A year or so after I put the music together,  attended a photo exhibition by a former member of the Israeli IDF at a gallery in Philadelphia...The former soldier seemed rather troubled by his former duties in Occupied Palestine, and had collated some photographic documentation of his time on duty for this show.

We talked for awhile, and I mentioned to him that I had written a piece of music entitled 'Hebron'...He insisted that I change the title to include 'al Khalil', which, as the Hebrew 'Hebron', means 'friend' in Arabic...So the music became 'Hebron/al Khalil'.

This video is not a big studio production, but the music is performed well, and I feel it is evocative.

I hope you enjoy it.

Violinist Parker and yours truly are currently recording what will be a two volume set of basically acoustic music, violin and acoustic guitar...'Acoustic Emotif'.

The music will range from Beatles music to Swing Jazz to Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian sounds,with the possible inclusion of some traditional Irish music and a few other things....
I would like to take a moment to apologize to my readers (If I have any left!) for my absence from KULTURE/AMERICA fro the past 18 months.

I have been caring for an elderly and ill family member, and my life has been filled with social workers, quack doctors, bureaucrats, and various functionaries from the Medical-Industrial-Insurance Complex.
War on our Parents

The experience has been an exhausting one, as the relative of whom I speak, my mother, was in no way prepared for what should have been her golden years, but instead became a kind of nightmare. Taking care of her business, I have had to deal with family betrayal and apathy, predatory banks, the spiritual bankruptcy of our system of care for the elderly, and continuous stress. At most turns, attempts at improving my mother's physical condition have been met with bureaucratic stonewalling and medical irresponsibility. It can be likened to being dropped into a train wreck and being asked to clean it up.

But, in the process, I have learned invaluable lessons concerning embracing love and rejecting selfishness, and have tried to care for all my mother's needs the best I can. Through it all my faith in God has only increased, and whatever the future brings, I will stand and deal with it like a man. Please never forget your own parents, who, with our Lord, gave you the gift of life.

I now have a bit of time for my own work, which includes the recording of a new double album of music, and a return to journalism and essaying...I have much work to do, so I am setting to it.

Thanks & love to everyone.

And keep in mind that you come into this world as a helpless babe and you will most likely leave here in the same manner. Give your burden unto God, and he will ease your way on those last miles, and bring you home.

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."    Matthew 11: 28

The Federal Reserve re-instituted their plan for the economic subjugation of the American people in 1964, one year after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who ordered the printing of US Treasury notes, back by silver, to be used to replace the Federal Reserve note. Silver coin and certificates were still in general use; money that came from the government and was used free of interest. Since the money was something of value and owned by whoever held it, the banks made no profit off of the use of that money and more to the point, could not manipulate its value, as it was backed by silver bullion.

 President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 on June 4th, 1963. This order authorized the Treasury to issue a new government currency, the US Note, based on silver in Fort Knox, recycled from the huge magnets used in early Uranium enrichment at Oak Ridge. This allowed the Kennedy administration to purchase four billion dollars worth of goods and services without having to borrow the money from the Federal Reserve, and signaled Kennedy's intention to restore the nations' economic system to the model used by the Founding Fathers.
John F. Kennedy's United States Note.

Five months later, John Kennedy was assassinated and his US Notes gradually withdrawn from circulation. The Warren Commission, now widely acknowledged to have been a cover-up, included as a member John J. McCloy, President of Chase Manhattan Bank and President of the World Bank.


The following year, all silver coins and silver certificates were withdrawn from circulation. The media proclaimed the new clad coinage and the Federal Reserve Notes to be just as good as the silver money, and the entrapment of the American people was complete. From then on, all currency in circulation was worth what the private central bank said it was worth, and over time, it has been declared worth less and less. Just see how many "dollar" notes it takes to buy an original US Silver Dollar today...

What JFK got for following the constitution...

Many of you remember and saw the 'Rocky' movies, which had their base in Kensington, and where our hero, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) was a scuffling fighter, who worked as a 'collection man' or 'head breaker' for bookies in order to keep a roof over his head and food on the table. Rocky, however, had the heart of a lion and a heart of gold, and with help from friends and sometimes fickle fate, overcame his situation and became world champ. It was a fictional 'tear jerker' that pulled out all the stops.
Real life in Kensington today is more and we don't have any 'Rocky Balboas' around. Instead we have sociopathic killers like the 'Kensington Strangler', a human piece of shit who used to take money from vulnerable girls who liked to do heroin, made like he was going to 'cop' for them, then pocket the money, come back to their house, rape and murder them, and then dump the bodies in a vacant lot.
The body of Nicole Piacentini (left) was discovered on November 13. Right, a composite sketch of the suspect. (Photos: NBC 10; Philadelphia Police Department)

Heroin is a very big problem in Kensington, but worse than that is the misery and hopelessness that fuels the trade. Heroin trade used to be run by Puerto Ricans in Philly, but now Dominicans run it, and launder money through a plethora of 'Mom & pop' groceries, or bodegas that they have taken over during the last decade. They are quite well organized, they pay city taxes through their groceries, and operate with the approval of city authorities.

In Philadelphia, I have first hand knowledge of the situation, just from living in various 'hoods',and even wrote a long letter to a reporter from local newspaper giving him the story. He was not interested, as the Dominicans work with cops and city officials who will not move on this because the stores pay tax into a shriveling tax base.

Now, the Dominicans who run the stores themselves are mostly poor 'campesino' types who work very long hours, keep clean store. But, they all under Dominican mob, and do what mob say, so if a shipment come in, they let them use the store as drop off...Shipment comes packed with food items, like case of Goya canned goods...Cops don't bother them because they don't let dealers operate out of stores.

If store owner makes store profitable, or co-operates with right people, he can get 'points' in store ownership...But you will notice that these stores change their names every 10 months to year, the mob move people in and out.

Mob is called 'United States Owners Bodega Federation'.

Now, look here, to see how mob has much power on 'spin':..

Bodega raids will be fully probed, Ramsey assures Dominican community

June 17, 2009|By BARBARA LAKER & WENDY RUDERMAN, lakerb@phillynews.com

Prompted by reports that a group of narcotics officers took thousands in cash and merchandise from mom-and-pop stores during raids, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey last night assured Dominican community leaders and merchants that he will stand tough against misconduct.

"Corruption of any kind will not be tolerated in this department, period," Ramsey said. "And those who engage in it are going to face charges both from the department as well as criminal charges." (Unless you are a city official or police commissioner...Frank D.)

Immediately, loud applause broke out in the crowd at the Hunting Park church.

"That's the language the community needed to hear," Danilo Burgos, president of the city's 300-member Dominican Grocers Association, said after the meeting.


What happen here is this: Police know bodegas are used for heroin and cocaine...Cops, especially Euro-American (White) cops get frustrated because Blacks running city and police let this go on, so they say 'Well, give me some, too'...But also, the cops mete out 'vigilante justice'...Remember, street cops just cannon fodder...Not too smart, but this is the reality.

Of course, not all of the Dominicans who operate or work in the stores are directly involved in the trade, but what we are dealing with here is a system, a 'Beast'. You want to buy groceries in many 'hoods', you're only choice is these bodegas. Other ethnic Americans abandoned the 'mom & pop' grocery business long ago.

The real 'Beast' that plagues Kensington is the collapse and uprooting of the manufacturing and blue collar jobs that once lined Allegheny Avenue, once the thriving backbone of North Philadelphia's blue collar economy. At one end of Allegheny Avenue, in the East Falls section, you used to have the Budd Company, which built rail cars, trolleys and heavy machinery associated with the transport industry, along with Tastycake, the company that makes the famous Philadelphia snack cakes, pies and cookies. You had Philco, which made every type of appliance from washing machines to TV sets, and you had a plethora of mills/clothing factories that made sweaters, slacks, coats and clothing for the world.

At the other end of Allegheny Avenue, in Port Richmond, you had the busy Port of Philadelphia, which transported these products nation and world wide. Now, for the most part, all of this is gone.

Replacing it you have 'social service organizations' for the unemployed, homeless and damaged. You have cheap Chinese take out joints, dollar stores and, on what used to be an avenue of churches, you find struggling congregations desperate to rent out their facilities to whomever they can find.

It is a sad sight to see the numbers of men who have given up, and spend their days in a stupor of drugs or alcohol, and to see the pregnant young girls, sometimes already pushing another young one in a stroller, actually trying to hustle their bodies, or making their way to the welfare office to make sure their paper are in order so they can collect their check. Marriage is definitely a dying form of social unit with these lost souls.

Whereas in Kensington in the past the going was always a bit rough, you had the glue of family and the church to k\help keep things together. And the faces were White: ethnic Irish, Poles, Germans, Italians who shared, for the most part, a common culture that respected the family and feared God.

Now, the faces are Brown, Black and Yellow, and the only common denominator is the desire to purchase cheap consumer goods like cell phones, and to hustle money wherever it can be found.

This is the general reality, the beast from the Prole's eye view. But, before we abandon all hope, let it be said that some of the churches are still strong, some of the social workers do actually care, and, amazingly, the lessons from the Gospel still reach more than a handful.

As they say in AA & NA (Narcotics Anonymous) 'one day at a time'. Because, you see, for most on the ground down here, one can only put one foot in front of the other and keep on going, because, in this world, for these people, there are no promises. This is the world that the scum on Wall Street never see, the world that Washington DC has completely forgotten. Hell, our Congress allows the bodies of Vets killed in our criminal adventures overseas to be tossed in landfills and calls it a 'burial'. It is the gangsters who have brought us to this point who need to be buried.

Lord, forgive us, don't forget us, and have mercy on us...